Bump and Grind

16mm Sound, 14min. 2006

Phobos Films
Ian Sundahl, Co-chair
Portland, Oregon

An experimental narrative shot in San Francisco, CA.

"I wouldn't show this film to Mom."
-The director's sister

Previous public screenings:

-Clinton Street Theater, Portland, OR; June 9th, 7pm; 2007
-Clinton St. Theater, Portland OR; Aug 24-26th, 2007
-Oddball Film and Video, San Francisco CA; Nov 9th, 2007
-Paradise Theatre  (TIE Expo); Paonia, CO; Oct. 24th, 2008
-Espacio Cultural Casa Tiyahui; Saltillo, Mexico; Oct 31st, 2009
-Encounters Film Festival, Bristol, UK; Nov 18th, 2009
-The Woods, Portland, OR; March 23rd, 2010
-Jameson's Bar, Eugene, OR; Sept 12th, 2010
-Flicker Spokane Film Festival, Spokane WA; Oct 16th, 2010
-Fatima Square Cultural Center, San Pedro (Monterry) Mexico; Oct 30th 2010

Ian Sundahl
George Kuchar
Serene Sky
Alexandra Valentino

Directed by: Ian Sundahl

Edited by: Bruce Miller Ian Sundahl

Director of Photography: Jorge Flores (aka Jorge Lorenzo)

Additional Photography: Bruce Miller Ian Sundahl

Sound: Anton Herbert


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Bump and Grind still

Bump and Grind still

Bump and Grind still